Thursday, 6 May 2010

One Week Since Launch

Today is exactly one week since we launched! Probably this weekend we can take it a bit easy, and enjoy the amazing weather and sunshine in Amman. The team has worked hard in the past few weeks to launch Zoofs, and the past week has been quite crazy; as we were fixing small issues here and there.

People from around the world are starting to hear about Zoofs, and a lot of people are loving it. Based on the tweets we have been scanning through the past two days, people see value in Zoofs in different ways; Zoofs is the video conversation right now, Zoofs is a video discovery tool, Zoofs is a viral video discovery and measurement tool, and even Zoofs is a YouTube video browser.

We are also super excited about the good words that people have put for us. Yesterday, Her Majesty Queen Rania tweeted about Zoofs! The Creative Director of Google and YouTube, Tom Uglow (, also blogged about it on his personal blog

The Next Web has written a story on Zoofs!

So what's next?

We certainly have a lot of ideas and prototypes of where we can take Zoofs. People have been telling us to push a search feature on the Zoofs, have easier ways to tweet from the interface, support other video sharing services other than YouTube, more ways to filter the video content we have been collecting, and other features.

Some of what people have suggested is already in the development pipeline. We will also be going to really interesting areas in content.

Many people asked us if we have access to Twitter's firehose. We do not have access to the Twitter firehose, but have applied for it. We would love to have access to the firehose, because we have a good idea of what we can do with it.

More articles on Zoofs
Here are more links to stories about Zoofs. They are in different languages. We've been using the translation feature of Google Chrome browser! Quite amazing feature! As far as Chrome's translation feature is concerned, these articles are saying good things about Zoofs! :)

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